QuickBooks Online – File Preparation


The cleaner your data – the smoother your conversion to Xero.

What not to do before giving Jet Convert access to your QuickBooks file:

  1. Do not start a Xero Organisation unless you are a Xero Partner with approval to convert into Existing Xero Organisations. If you have already started a Xero subscription and should not have click here for instruction on how to proceed.

BEFORE you give Jet Convert access to QuickBooks Online:

ESSENTIAL File Preparation:

ATTENTION: Please note if the Essential File Preparation is not completed prior to starting your conversion a reconversion charge may apply.

*WARNING: Some banks require credit cards to be set up as bank accounts in Xero in order to connect bank feeds. See here for more information.

OPTIONAL File Preparation:

Conversion Turnaround Time:

The conversion will take up to 5 busines days from when you have:

  1. Selected your conversion service
  2. Given us access to QBO
  3. Advised as to how you want the bank accounts (Cash or Cash Equivalents) to be treated in Xero (premium packages only). *

* Please be advised -If bank mapping is not completed within a 48 hour timeframe we will complete this on your behalf.