Xerocon free gift from Jet Convert

The Xerocon offer has now expired. Thank you for your interest.

How to apply the Xerocon promocode to  a conversion:

1. Upload the file and fill in your details.


2. Click the drop down arrow so you can enter the promocode supplied to you by Jet Convert.


3. Enter the promocode supplied to you by Jet Convert and then click the green Proceed button.


Feel free to email [email protected] or ask our chat team to check if you are unsure that you have done it correctly.


*Terms & Conditions:

  • Eligible files include:
  • File size must be below 800MB or extra charges apply.
  • Quickbooks and QBO conversions are excluded from this offer.
  • One AUD$379 discounted conversion per Accounting Practice/bookkeeping company.
  • If you forget to enter the promocode you will not receive a free Accelerate package for that particular conversion. Our team cannot manually adjust the Jet Convert promocode after the fact – refer screengrabs below. 
  • File to be uploaded to Jet Convert prior to close of business September 30, 2022.