Welcome to the Jet Convert Partner Program


Question: How can you put a price on time?  

Answer: You can’t! Time is the most precious commodity available to us and most of us never have enough of it to do the things we love – at work, at home, with family & friends.

That is why Jet Convert has launched a Partner Program, to save your precious time and free you up to to do what is truly meaningful.

Initially the Partner Program offers the ability for you to customise the Chart of Accounts from the source accounting software into a specified Chart of Accounts in Xero. You will be able to view all the transactions in the new Xero org as if they have been put through the new and preferred Chart of Accounts.  Read more about the Custom Chart of Accounts service.

Please note that monthly comparatives are not available with this service, even if you purchase the Insight or Accelerate packages.

Also please note this service is currently only available in Australia.

The Jet Convert Partner program is open to accounting professionals or cloud integrators who:

  1. Have completed 5+ conversions within the past 6 months,
  2. Have completed 50+ in the past 3 years at a company level or
  3. Will complete minimum of 20 conversions within an agreed 2 month timeframe.

If you meet this criteria please register your interest in the form below: