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Converting Data To Xero Can Be Complicated If You Do It Yourself

But if you leave it to the experts, it doesn’t have to be

You need a conversion partner who makes the process run smoothly.

Build custom online solution–designed to handle unusual accounts or outliers

Saving time, money, and headaches with faster, automated processes

Getting the best data insights for your clients easier from Xero

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1+ million
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Through our partnership with Xero, your Standard conversion is free, and premium conversions are heavily subsidised.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our advanced automated process converts all your data to Xero quickly and efficiently, in speeds ranging from 20 minutes to up to 3-5 business days (depending on the nature of your conversion).


Our Quality Assurance includes automated tests and manual checks for accuracy.


Your information is safe with the world’s leading security and audit trail.

Premium Support

We offer extensive support before, during and after conversion–depending on the level of service you choose.


We have successfully helped more than 70,000+ businesses convert to Xero over the past 10+ years.

Explore the Ready, Jet, Go Process:
Accounting Practices Get A Helping Hand With Simple Xero Conversion

With Jet Convert, accounting practices benefit from having someone on hand to smoothly manage the Xero conversion process for them from beginning to end.

  • Pre-conversion recommendations before uploading your file, so you get the most beneficial results out of Xero

  • An automated conversion of your data to Xero using our sophisticated transfer processes

  • Extensive automatic and manual testing to ensure accuracy

  • An Action Checklist provides an analysis of your data and recommended next steps, including system differences


1. Prepare your data

2. Upload your file

3. Choose the best conversion package


4. We convert your data

5. We assure accuracy of data


6. You receive a Custom Post-Conversion Report

7. Your conversion is complete and you can get started in Xero

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